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Christopher K. Morris

166 Glory Court, Jonesborough, TN 37659
Phone: (571) 551-9551 Email:


Career Focus: Software Engineering and Web Development

Key Strengths:

  • Results-oriented Software Engineer with 7 years experience developing internet-based web applications.
  • Proficient with a wide variety of programming languages and platforms.
  • Forward-thinker capable of quick and resolute problem solving.
  • Articulate and professional communication skills; works well in fast paced work environments.
  • Skilled at team collaboration while working independently.


Senior Software Engineer
Wynbi, Inc. (December 2015 - Present)

  • Lead a team of developers to re-architect and migrate a legacy Ruby on Rails application.
  • Created a user friendly administrative interface for managing user and business accounts.
  • Followed test driven development methodology; created automated unit and functional tests in RSpec.
  • Used the pundit gem for setting up a comprehensive set of user policies and permissions.
  • Used Chef to perform configuration management of the staging and production environments.
  • Used encrypted data bags to secure sensitive environment variables in staging and production.
  • Used Capistrano to automate deployments of the staging and production server environments.
  • Deployed ROR applications with Phusion Passenger/NGINX.
  • Managed and fixed bugs with JIRA bug tracking application.
  • Developed a custom message broker using Rails 5’s ActionCable.
  • Used NewRelic and other performance measuring tools to pinpoint bottlenecks and develop fixes.
  • Created and updated software documentation: user guides, install guides, admin guides, etc.
  • Used Git to store project source code and documentation.
  • Automated many manual tasks with Rake, including documentation building/rebuilding.
  • Analyzed the production database to find and fix blocking queries.
  • Implemented to track and resolve errors discovered in the production environment.
  • Optimized API access times and improved database performance.
  • Synchronized data from several third party integrations for use on the Wynbi platform.

Software Engineer, Inc. (October 2013 - December 2015)

  • Developed a Ruby gem to integrate the platform services into Spree based Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Followed test driven development methodology; created automated unit and functional tests.
  • Exposed metrics to enable iterative development of the user experience in a data-driven manner.
  • Cross-trained with DevOps to learn Chef to provide additional resources for mission-critical tasks.
  • Worked on a team implementing a version controlled API in a Service Oriented Architecture environment.
  • Understood and used oAuth2 to delegate user authentication to third-party services.
  • Used to track and resolve errors discovered in the production environment.
  • Drove releases for the internal analytics and user metrics administrative dashboard.
  • Conducted A/B Testing on the marketplace using Optimizely experience optimization software.
  • Used Capistrano to automate deployments to the staging environment.

Software Engineer
Synaptian, Inc. (August 2012 - October 2013)

  • Designed or customized web applications for various clients.
  • Integrated the Stripe payment system with several publicly facing applications.
  • Implemented Recaptcha for a client to reduce robot/non-human interaction.
  • Integrated MailChimp for automated newsletter signups, unsubscribes, and delivery.
  • Deployed Ruby on Rails applications using Capistrano, Unicorn, and NGINX.
  • Used Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, and JavaScript to create frontend layouts.
  • Created automated unit and functional tests using RSpec and Guard.
  • Understood functional requirements and delivered well-tested code.
  • Prepared program-level and user-level documentation.
  • Optimized page load times and database performance.
  • Built search functionality using Sunspot Solr.
  • Used Git to store code and documentation primarily; also used Subversion revision control system.
  • Worked with a client’s development team to discover and troubleshoot problems in Rack Middleware.
  • Integrated social login features with OmniAuth and Devise in Ruby on Rails Applications.

Independent Projects

  • Taught Ruby on Rails training classes.
  • Developed numerous Ruby on Rails applications for small businesses.
  • Provided performance enhancements for existing Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Built custom reporting tools to help manage business activity.


Computer Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, SQL, TCL
Database Technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis Key-Value Store
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Unix/Linux/Solaris, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/7/8/10, DOS
Concepts/Technologies: Object-Oriented Programming, Relational Database Design, Data Modeling, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Technologies/Apps: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Guard, Test::Unit, Node.js, Ember.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Spree, HTML, CSS, HAML, SASS, Rack Middleware, Mongrel, Unicorn, Thin, Puma, Fusion Passenger, Apache, NGINX, AJAX, XML, JSON, oAuth/oAuth2, Devise, JWT, jQuery, Capistrano, Test Driven Development (TDD), JIRA, Recaptcha, Dovecot, IMAP, Postfix, AWS, Nokogiri, XPath, Mechanize, Restful APIs, Chef/Chef Server, Git, Subversion